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Integrating green or sustainable features into your dream home not only provides you with superior comfort and a home that truly blends with your surroundings but has been proven to reduce the costs of maintaining your home by up to 30% over its life. For the growing number of Americans whom are concerned with the negative side effects of an industrial economy, designing your dream home with environmentally-friendly materials also goes a long way to alleviate the pressing issues of global pollution, energy use, water quality, habitat conservation, and even fairness in labor.

Colorado offers an additional advantage for homeowners and architects with the ability to design houses that harness the energy of over 300 sunny days per year. Designing homes for passive (non-mechanical) heating and cooling results in enough energy cost savings to fund a vacation to the tropics!

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Sikand Niwas Residence
Keffeler Residence
Lot 66 Cabin
335 Dahlia Residence
Leary Residence
Erie Village Residence
225 Monroe Residence
Nelson Residence
Log Cabin
Matheny Residence
Deer Creek Residence
Suftin Timber Frame Horse Barn
Since a home is the biggest investment most Americans make in their lifetimes, it is one of the most powerful ways you can vote your values with your dollars. Earth and Sky Architecture works tirelessly to offer you design innovation at an affordable price. Our firm can integrate any degree of sustainable design features into your dream home based on your budget, the building site, and the specific climate in the area.

If you're looking to build a custom home and want to design energy-saving and other environmentally -friendly features into the house plans, contact Denver's premier sustainable architecture firm Earth and Sky Architecture.

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Earth and Sky Architecture brings nearly 25 years of service excellence and architectural expertise to the design of sustainable, energy-efficient custom homes, commercial buildings, and historic projects in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.





Earth and Sky Architecture, Colorado's leading sustainable residential home architect, specializes in evocative, compassionate, and environmentally responsible house design. The Rocky Mountain Colorado passive solar home designer is committed to designing homes that harness the energy of nature to create a serene sense of comfort and significantly reduce long-term maintenance expenses. The sustainable home architect in the Denver Metro Colorado offers custom luxury homes and residential passive solar home design for a reasonable price. Front Range Colorado green home architect can offer passive solar home design. Paul Adams, licensed Colorado architect, was a leader among his peers serving as president of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS). He was also a finalist in the Walter Wagner Education Forum, a national educational award for architecture. Paul Adams is a sustainable architect. We design Colorado solar homes.