The Design Process

In order to understand the process of designing and building a new home Earth and Sky Architecture has broken down the process of design and construction for you:

Visualize the design.
Once we define what’s to be built together, we can help you visualize the design possibilities in a number of ways. Using rough sketches or computer programs, we can show you the general arrangement of your new house and its effect on the site. While not finished construction documents, these visual presentations are meant to show possible approaches for you to consider. We can refine these concepts until a solution is developed that you agree meets your needs.

Depending on the project and your needs, we can also provide three-dimensional renderings, build models or even stake the site so you can physically see important features, such as traffic flow, access and views.

Many architects also provide interior design services. Ask to see examples of the architect’s interior work. If these examples suit your tastes, we can work with you to get the most out of the design process from start to finish.

Help prepare construction documents and select a reputable contractor.
After your approval, the design is developed even further. We will prepare detailed drawings, or construction documents, to illustrate floor plans, which show all the spaces to be built in their correct proportions — down to almost every detail. Outline specifications also are prepared that specify the primary materials and finishes to be used. These details and specifications will be used by the Contractor to establish construction costs and build the project.

When we use AIA (American Institute of Architecture) documents, you benefit from what are considered to be "the bible" of the construction industry. These standard forms of agreement represent a current consensus among construction industry leaders representing owners, contractors, engineers and architects.

Many details are covered in clear language that’s widely known and accepted in the construction industry. In addition to the highly regarded AIA owner-architect and owner-contractor agreements, we can make available documents for small projects, construction management, project administration and a range of abbreviated-form agreements.

We are familiar with the abilities and reputations of the Contractors in Rocky Mountain region. We share long-standing working relationships with several well-qualified, professional Contractors, which helps ensure reliability and quality work.

Or, if you wish to choose among several qualified contractors, we can prepare the necessary bidding documents. We can also can help you determine which bid may give you the best value in terms of the Contractor’s reputation, expertise, quality of work and reliability.

We can help you evaluate a contractor by using a standard Contractor’s Qualification Statement, available through the local AIA chapter, to verify the contractor’s background, history, references and financial stability. This form provides a sworn, notarized statement with appropriate attachments to assess important aspects of the contractor’s qualifications.

Schedule the work.
After the design phases are complete, the management and scheduling of the construction work is critical. The actual work of construction could disrupt your lifestyle considerably. The many decisions that have to be made and numerous details can be overwhelming. Making such decisions and coordinating the necessary manpower and materials requires professional attention.

We have been through the construction process many times, which is where we encourage you to depend on our expertise as much as possible. We can anticipate problems so that your decisions are followed, construction is carried out efficiently, and the project is kept on track.

Manage the project.
From conception to move-in, we protect your interests and pursue ways to make the design and construction processes go smoothly.

During construction, we visit the site to help verify that the project is being built according to the plans and specifications you approve. With our firm personally observing construction, you get informed reports of the project’s progress, a trained eye toward quality control — even a check on the contractor’s invoices, mandating that the contractor does not get paid until the architect is satisfied that the contractor has fulfilled all obligations to you.

In addition, if your project requires engineering or other design services, we can coordinate this team of experts.

Take advantage of Earth and Sky's experience and creative vision. Contact us today!

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