The Solar Cabin


A high style house that can be custom built to suit.
A house that produces its own heat and electricity.
A house that is built with the healthiest materials available.
A house with exterior materials that are durable and low maintenance.
A house that includes the life style features that you have come to expect:
modern appliances, digital TV, high speed Internet and future adaptability.
A house that collects rain water and directs it to the native plantings.
A house that has the latest safety features built in.
A house with universal accessibility built in.







Earth and Sky Architecture, Colorado's leading sustainable residential home architect, specializes in evocative, compassionate, and environmentally responsible house design. The Rocky Mountain Colorado passive solar home designer is committed to designing homes that harness the energy of nature to create a serene sense of comfort and significantly reduce long-term maintenance expenses. The sustainable home architect in the Denver Metro Colorado offers custom luxury homes and residential passive solar home design for a reasonable price. Front Range Colorado green home architect can offer passive solar home design. Paul Adams, licensed Colorado architect, was a leader among his peers serving as president of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS). He was also a finalist in the Walter Wagner Education Forum, a national educational award for architecture. Paul Adams is a sustainable architect. We design Colorado solar homes.